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Oct. 8th, 2008 @ 03:57 pm DriverSide
The other day a coworker was complaining about her large mechanic bill and after the ruckus she was making, I couldn't help but ask her if her car was even worth that much. I've seen it, and frankly I think she's wasting her money fixing that thing. When your car starts needing all of this repair work done, it can be helpful if someone asks you "What is your car really worth?" She's not the first person I've watched dump money into cars that really should have just been replaced. If one is worried about spending money while trying to sell their old cars, there are plenty of places to list your car for sale for free.

And if your car's value hasn't depreciated much yet or you want to go ahead and keep repairing the old one for whatever reason, make sure you know exactly what to pay for repairs on your car in your town. Companies like DriverSide will even help you find the best mechanic. And all this information and more is available at no cost to the consumer!
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